Friday, February 26, 2010


Some digi-doodles in between working on Thesis, which YES, I am actually working on for once!!

In an attempt to do more dynamic posing, Lyra turns into some weird type of Akira mix. I had just finished reading the first vol before I drew this...which would explain it lol...XD;;

Oh man, I've been wanting to do so many technical things after spending hours on Matt Laskowski's dev page, it's incredibly inspiring. but alas, I do not have the time to do the things he does...yet! so here's a simple sketch:

Again, very inspired by Matt's work, but really just sketching Lyra. I guess I wanted to draw windy hair?? Also been inspired by the simple yet amazing colors that Tomer Hanuka uses. If I was an illustration major, I would totally take him for portfolio. I want to see if I can beg Tom if I can take both major's portfolio classes...>__>;

anyway, I should get back to work! After tonight I should have only 5 pages left to go! :D

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