Tuesday, September 23, 2008

monkey love

A Comic page I did for class. Assignment was to draw your first crush/romance/kiss, so I choose the first kiss, only.....well, see for yourself.

click on thumbnail to fullview:

still needs to be inked, but I think we're doing that in class since some people still don't know how to. O___o;;;

haha sad part is, it really does resemble my boyfriend. XDDD when he saw this, he was all "omigod I still can't believe I actually said that...>__<;;" rofl <3

Tomorrow we're going to go see Blue Man Group!!! I'm so excited~!!! haha, I finished all my h/w for the week so I could have that night off...school is insane, but it's manageable. ^____^

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Kim said...

Woah. I can't even believe that you drew that. You've improved SO MUCH since the last time I saw you draw something. Keep up the amazing work.

Oh, and this is really cute. :D